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Eventide! - 07/11/2020

Eventide has released the Pro Tools HD/HDX Expansion Card for H9000 products.
The H9000 is the most powerful effects processor available with up to 128 channels of simultaneous signal processing, thousands of effects, and a generous complement of analog and digital audio I/O.
This new user-installable expansion card allows Pro Tools HDX and HD Native users to connect their H9000 or H9000R via its Primary DigiLink port—adding up to 32 channels.
It can alternatively be daisy-chained with other Pro Tools interfaces via the Secondary DigiLink port with the included 12’ mini-Digilink cable.

Concurrent with the release of the Pro Tools|HD Expansion Card is the release of version 1.3 operating software for the H9000. Along with Pro Tools support, the Emote v1.3 software for the H9000 features enhanced MIDI functionality and 2 new effect algorithms (and presets) migrated from the award-winning H9 stompbox – TriceraChorus and Harmadillo.
It also offers user-requested UI refinements such as metering in the primary window, visual representation of FX Chain containers, independent zoom control, and enhanced algorithm viewing.

Cort Guitars! - 12/10/2020 - modifiee le 12/10/2020

The modern acoustic player can’t be confined creatively, which is why Cort Guitars thought outside the box with the new Cut Craft acoustic-electric.

The Cut Craft implements cutting-edge acoustic design concepts with traditional materials and old-world master craftsmanship for an acoustic-electric that defies categorization. With the Cut Craft, fingerstyle players will benefit from an acoustic-electric that’s specially designed and crafted for maximum performance.

Philarmonie de Paris! - 25/09/2020

Colloque Survivre, perpétuer, revendiquer :
les musiques en situation de crise humanitaire!

Quel sens donner à la musique dans les situations de crise humanitaire, de conflit ou post-conflit, ou de catastrophe naturelle?
Cette journée ponctuée de moments musicaux donnera la parole aux musiciens et aux chercheurs, et présentera une série d’études de terrain ethnomusicologiques et anthropologiques en Europe, en Océanie et en Afrique.
Elle montrera que les pratiques musicales peuvent relever de la survie, de la transmission de la mémoire, ou encore être des vecteurs de revendications identitaires.

Audix! - 19/09/2020


Audix is proud to introduce the new line of dynamic, closed back headphones - designed for audio professionals and audiophiles to deliver the most accurate sound possible.

With four models to pick from, there is a pair of headphones for every pair of ears.
All four models feature acoustically-optimized, cushioned ear cups providing long-term listening comfort and noise isolation.
All Audix headphones come with detachable 1.8 m oxygen free copper (OFC) cables with gold-plated connectors & 1/4 " adapter.
Keep your headphones safe with the protective carrying case, included with every model.

Beginner Guitar HQ! - 28/08/2020

Types of Electric Guitars – Definitive Guide!
July 16, 2020 by Beginner Guitar HQ Staff.

Beginner Guitar HQ is helping you understand everything you need to know about the different types of electric guitars there are.
We’re going to keep this as simple as possible: instead of deep and theoretical stuff, we’re going to explain everything we say with guitar examples and additional guitar reviews.

Stay with us if you’re clueless about terms like “SuperStrat,” “hollow,” or “solid-body.”
This is a guide for beginner guitar players, and it’s here to help you start your journey with the right steps.

See, knowledge is the ingredient for conscious and good decisions.
That’s why we’re also linking you towards some of the best guitars of each category.

Lastly, as I understand this is a beginner-friendly guide, most of our guitar options are going to be entry-level.
However, there will be a couple of mid-level alternatives, as well as some premium models in case you’re opting for a full-on investment.

Let’s dive into our types of electric guitars definitive guide.

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