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Audix! - 19/09/2020


Audix is proud to introduce the new line of dynamic, closed back headphones - designed for audio professionals and audiophiles to deliver the most accurate sound possible.

With four models to pick from, there is a pair of headphones for every pair of ears.
All four models feature acoustically-optimized, cushioned ear cups providing long-term listening comfort and noise isolation.
All Audix headphones come with detachable 1.8 m oxygen free copper (OFC) cables with gold-plated connectors & 1/4 " adapter.
Keep your headphones safe with the protective carrying case, included with every model.

Beginner Guitar HQ! - 28/08/2020

Types of Electric Guitars – Definitive Guide!
July 16, 2020 by Beginner Guitar HQ Staff.

Beginner Guitar HQ is helping you understand everything you need to know about the different types of electric guitars there are.
We’re going to keep this as simple as possible: instead of deep and theoretical stuff, we’re going to explain everything we say with guitar examples and additional guitar reviews.

Stay with us if you’re clueless about terms like “SuperStrat,” “hollow,” or “solid-body.”
This is a guide for beginner guitar players, and it’s here to help you start your journey with the right steps.

See, knowledge is the ingredient for conscious and good decisions.
That’s why we’re also linking you towards some of the best guitars of each category.

Lastly, as I understand this is a beginner-friendly guide, most of our guitar options are going to be entry-level.
However, there will be a couple of mid-level alternatives, as well as some premium models in case you’re opting for a full-on investment.

Let’s dive into our types of electric guitars definitive guide.

Auto-Tune Integrated With Soundtrap! - 15/07/2020

Auto-Tune Integrated With Soundtrap!

In this era of physical distancing, collaborating with other musicians can be challenging. Soundtrap, an online DAW, is the perfect tool for collaborating on music remotely.
You can work on the same project at the same time, and there's both video and text chat for communication in the Studio.
Soundtrap is also accessible from any device, both mobile and desktop.
The best part? Auto-Tune is integrated directly into their recording platform.

IK multimedia! - 11/07/2020


Spice up your studio with a splash of color! Well, just like our iLoud Micro Monitor series, the iLoud MTM studio monitors have taken on a new look with a brand new white version.
With all of the same great features, you can transform your studio in style with a choice between a new sleek white or classic matte black monitors.

AMS Neve! - 22/06/2020

Introducing the 8424
Legendary 80-series Neve® sound, 4 groups, 24 channel faders!

Capitalising on Neve's sixty years of technical heritage and highly revered analogue circuit design, the British-designed 8424 fits perfectly into many different applications.

The 8424 console is designed to fit the needs of the modern hybrid studio where the speed of in-the-box workflow is enhanced with the ultimate sound quality of analogue outboard gear. Designed to be straightforward and accessible to all, this versatile and powerful desk provides a centralised platform with unparalleled connectivity, facilitating an ergonomic link between the linear analogue processing world of outboard gear, analogue synths and instruments, to the digital world of DAW workflow, software plugins and session recall.

Whether you're a music producer or an artist with your own project studio, the owner of a small professional audio facility or the person in charge of an educational facility, this compact, budget-conscious desk delivers everything you need to record, mix, monitor and master music quickly, marrying Neve’s revered sonic excellence with the speed and flexibility for today's connected workflows.

8424 Snapshot:

- Two inputs per channel – seamlessly switch from Mix to Record inputs
Third channel strip input for dual-layer use  
- Marinair® transformers on Mix, AFL, CUE bus for true Neve® voltage mixing  
- 80 - series Neve® sound in a compact frame 
- Large format console Centre Section - Multiple speaker sets, dual Cue system, and three-way talkback system
- Internal Snapshot system to Save/Load/Recall all console settings across multiple sessions 
- 500 series slots for internal expansion options  
- 1073® preamps and DI inputs with Smart Routing for recording in the live or control room 
- In-line console capability 
- Mix up to 48 mono signals at once
- 25-way D-Type and balanced jack inputs on rear and on the front for a combination of simple and professional I/O connection 
- The 8424 is designed to connect to and utilise all of your instruments and outboard equipment, becoming the centrepiece of your studio

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