When Ghosts Were Young! - 10/12/2017

"Merveille de délicatesse et de légèreté mélodique son nouvel album tient de la déambulation et de la meditation autant que du saut serein hors des pesanteurs de l’ordinaire. C’est dire s’il est recommandable"

IK Multimedia! - 24/10/2017

We are delighted to invite you to visit us at the first-ever IMSTA FESTA in Berlin on Saturday the 28 October.

IMSTA FESTA Berlin is the ultimate celebration of music technology for music-makers alike. From Miami to Los Angeles, Chicago to New York; IMSTA is hosting the first IMSTA FESTA in Berlin, a leading music technology city. Don't miss this day packed with Exhibits, Panels, Master Classes, Song Reviews, Demonstrations and more. Hosting musicians, songwriters, music producers, audio engineers, music students and educators in an environment where they can all network and interact with the manufacturers and product specialists face-to-face.

This FREE admission, one-day event begins at 1:00PM at SAE Institute - Cuvrystraße 4, Berlin. Register to attend!

Tc Electronic! - 20/06/2017

The King Returneth

Flashback 2 Delay Takes Up Its Rightful Place

Hear ye, hear ye!
Flashback 2 Delay is the blue-blooded doyen of delay and the inheritor of our prestigious delay dynasty, so we’ve endowed him with a trunk of riches to bestow upon his realm.
As a symbol of rule, Flashback 2 bears an intuitive MASH footswitch for a crown.
MASH allows any guitarist, highborn or not, to harness the expressivity of the delay effect for smooth swells of volume and modulation or self-oscillating tornados of mayhem by the squeeze of a toe.
But that’s not all.
Since we don’t go about beating dead horses here at TC manor, we’ve made sure that Flashback 2 is every bit the worthy successor to our empire of echoes.
The royal marriage of MASH and TonePrint Editor, opens the pedal up like a drawbridge into TonePrint palace, unleashing hitherto untapped creative powers.
Additionally, we’ve re-examined our good ol’ Analog and Tape algorithms for the coming of Flashback 2 – ‘coz for a king’s coronation, good simply isn’t good enough.
So, our in-house alchemists went back to their blue-tinted cauldrons and through ancient incantations, brewed a pair of algorithms that sound eerily identical to vintage analog and tape delays with all of their quirks.
But their arcane rites also yielded a radiant Crystal delay - the byproduct of an unlikely chemical reaction between a Sub 'N' Up and a 2290 delay, producing a sweet, crystalline effect. It worked so well with MASH, we simply had to gift it to Flashback 2.
All hail the king!

Toontrack! - 20/05/2017

We are happy to now offer you the option of creating your own drum and EZkeys MIDI bundles! Pick six titles of your choice and SAVE BIG. Get more, pay less!

Toontrack! - 01/03/2017


Great deals and added value offers on loads of gear!* Get some new tools and sounds to kickstart your songwriting and production season!

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