Philarmonie de Paris! - 27/10/2018

Comédies musicales
La joie de vivre du cinéma

La Philharmonie de Paris consacre une grande exposition à l’univers merveilleux des comédies musicales. À cette occasion, concerts, spectacles et ciné-concerts – Mary Poppins, Singin’ in the Rain – vous proposent d’en redécouvrir les classiques grandeur nature. Des conférences, des rencontres et des ateliers sont aussi prétexte à se plonger plus avant dans cet univers réjouissant. Venez chanter sous la pluie à la Philharmonie !

Radial Engineering! - 21/07/2018

Catapult Mini Now Shipping!

The Radial Catapult Mini is a 4-channel compact audio snake that allows you to send analog audio signals over standard Cat 5 or Cat 6 shielded twisted pair cable.

Analog audio over Cat 5:

The Catapult Mini is the newest addition to the Radial Catapult range. The Catapult Mini provides a lighter, simpler solution when a split is not required.
The Catapult Mini RX and TX can be used together as a pair to create a compact 4-channel audio snake.
If the setup requires having a stage box or splitter at one end of the snake, the Minis can be combined with any of the other Catapult modules.

Product Features:

4-channel Cat 5 to XLR breakout boxes
Simple analog audio over Cat 5/6 cable
RX and TX can be used together to create a lightweight, low cost snake
Can be used with any other module in the Catapult range

Eve Audio! - 22/03/2018

With 20-years of professional experience in music production, mastering, engineering and DJ'ing, and as Assistant Manager at one of Australia's premier Pro Audio retailers, DJ eM has certainly had his fair share of exposure and access to the finest monitors available. eM, or Mike Mammone as he is also known, is such an ardent fan of EVE Audio that he owns one pair SC307, two pairs of SC207 plus a TS110 sub. As Mike says, "when I really believe in something, it's easy to recommend."

Ernie Ball! - 16/03/2018

Today marks the reveal of the 2018 Slinky "Back of the Pack" artist list! This year is particularly special as we celebrate the Colors of Rock'N'Roll® campaign highlighting the iconic colors of the Ernie Ball guitar string packs since 1962. For more than 55 years, the biggest names in music have used Ernie Ball Slinky Pinks, Purples, Greens, Reds, Oranges and Blues to write, record and perform some of the most important songs in rock history. The 2018 list features 162 of our most influential guitarists, multi-platinum artists, Grammy winners and exciting new voices. Ranging from Joe Walsh, Metallica's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, St. Vincent, Mac Demarco, The War On Drugs, and many others. Click below to see the full list.

Mehmet Polat! - 12/03/2018

Dear friends and colleagues,

After years of creative processing and tremendous work, my new ud album ‘Ageless garden’ is recorded and available for its listeners.

‘Music has been the best language with which to express my inner world for more than 30 years. And for the last 20 years, ud has been the main instrument on this journey. I composed these ten compositions during different phases of my life as a migrant musician. And I play them on this album through the lens of my vision of today.’

Guest musicians on the album:

Alper Kekec (Turkey) Darbuka, daf and frame drums
Pasha Karami (Iran) Tombak
Shaho Andalibi (Iran) Ney
Yama Sarshar (Afghanistan) Tabla
Zoumana Diarra (Mali) Kora

"This is a beautiful album, full of surprises and ostentatious world music without any borders." Rootstime

"The Ageless Garden by Mehmet Polat is a sublime little masterpiece." Moors Magazine

"The listener is allowed a privileged invitation into a world that one is almost hesitant to look at." Doobeedoobeedoo

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Available at music stores in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg
(distributed via Xango Music).

Mehmet Polat <>

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